Fleckvieh Federation

Important Info

**Coming Soon:  the 2016 Membership Directory**

Please see the "2016 Directory" link to the left of the homepage for all of the information and advertising rates. 
To be included in the upcoming directory, your 2015 dues & FSFF account balance must be paid by August 31, 2015.

**New FSFF booth display making appearances in Canada**

We have purchased a second display booth to allow us to better promote Fleckvieh genetics & the FSFF! 

Look for it to be on display at the Canadian Simmental Assoc. Convention & YCSA National Show in Lindsay, Ontario Jul 30th through Aug 2nd!  More dates & locations to be announced soon!


**2015 NAILE:  We have the scoop!**

Look for the "2015 NAILE" link on the Upcoming Events page & learn all about our FSFF events at the NAILE in Louisville, KY.  We will hold our annual membership meeting, host the FSFF President's Reception & annual fundraiser, and offer participants the opportunity to showcase their Fleckvieh genetics in three shows! 

This is a great networking & advertising opportunity!  Hundreds of people pass through the barns & stop to look at our cattle and visit with our members.  Your participation encouraged!  Even if you cannot bring cattle & are only able to come out for the weekend- we hope you will make plans to join us!

**Promote the FSFF**

Do you have an upcoming event where you could help promote the FSFF?  Our booth travels! 

At no charge to you, the booth, current FSFF Membership Directories & informational FSFF materials can be shipped for you to set up and monitor at your local event (shows, sales, etc.). 

For more information or to schedule an event, please contact the office.

Look for the booth to be at the following 2015 events:

Dixie Nationals- Feb 2015; Houston- Mar 2015; BHR’s Designer’s Classic- May 2015; TAMU Short Course- Aug 2015; The Magnolia Classic- Oct 2015; NAILE- Nov 2015

$1,675 was raised for the FSFF at BHR's Designer's Classic Sale on May 16th!  A custom FSFF belt buckle started the sale and sold for $575.  A second sold for $550!  Additionally, Dr Peter Massmann provided Fred Schuetze with a number of copies of his book, “Visual Evaluation of Simmental Fleckvieh Cattle.”  One copy was auctioned to benefit the FSFF, and it sold for $550.  Fred will be selling the remaining copies for $50 each.  Of that, he is donating $25 per book to the FSFF!  Many thanks to Fred & BHR for their continued support of the Federation! 

If you are interested in purchasing your own copy of Dr Peter Massman's book, please contact Fred or Kimberly at BHR at 817.573.0957.

Look for additional custom FSFF belt buckles to be auctioned off at this fall at Bar 5's Fall Production Sale (Markdale, Ontario), Anchor D's Pasture Treasures Sale (Rimbey, Alberta), Little Creek's Magnolia Classic Sale (Starkville, MS) and at the FSFF's annual fundraiser at the NAILE in Louisville, KY!



You can now pay your FSFF invoice with a credit card!  Please contact the office, and we will email a PayPal invoice to you.  This is a quick & simple bill pay option!  Please note- 3% will be added to cover the additional PayPal processing fees. 


The Fullblood Simmental Fleckvieh Federation (FSFF) operates to develop & promote the Fullblood Simmental & Fullblood Fleckvieh breeds of cattle worldwide.  To meet these objectives, the FSFF will initiate & participate in programs to educate beef producers of the important economic traits of Simmental & Fleckvieh cattle, will promote & encourage the use of Simmental & Fleckvieh beef cattle genetics, and will work to market the breeds worldwide to both purebred and commercial beef producers.

The FSFF is not a registry association but will cooperate with the American Simmental Association, the Canadian Simmental Association, and other similar registry associations for Simmental and Fleckvieh cattle breeds worldwide.

We would love to hear from you!  Please contact any of the FSFF Board of Directors & Officers or the FSFF Coordinators, Jason & Brandy Jordan, at your convenience.  The FSFF can also be found on Facebook.

Heathe Widicker, President