The Fullblood Simmental Fleckvieh Federation (FSFF) has as its objectives the development and promotion of Fullblood Simmental and Fullblood Fleckvieh cattle. The FSFF will initiate programs to educate beef producers on the important economic traits of Fullblood Simmental and Fullblood Fleckvieh cattle, to promote the use of Fullblood Simmental and Fullblood Fleckvieh beef cattle genetics, and to preserve and successfully market the breeds in North America and worldwide to both purebred and commercial beef producers.

The FSFF will cooperate with the American Simmental Association, the Canadian Simmental Association, and other similar registry associations for Simmental and Fleckvieh cattle breeds worldwide.

Heathe Widicker, President
Coordinators, Jason and Brandy Jordan

2014 NAILE, Louisville, KY
October 15 NAILE entries close for all shows
*Contact Larry Maxey for FSFF entries- email or call 859-356-6042*

2014 NAILE Entry Forms

Entry deadline closes October 15, 2014.
- 2014 The Fleck Effect Entry Form
      pdf , excel
- 2014 Pinnacle Entry Form
      pdf, excel
- 2014 Challenge Cup Entry Form
      pdf, excel

Once you have sent your entry forms, please proceed to page to make payment. Thank you.

Advertising Opportunity - 2014 NAILE Class Sponsorships!”

Please see the attached listing of available 2014 sponsorships. Class sponsors will be announced over the mic during the shows & in print as well as listed on the FSFF website.  Contact the office at or 855.353.2584 to get your spot!”

2014 NAILE Class Sponsorships

November 18 FSFF cattle check in
8AM- 4PM
November 19 North American Select Simmental Sale
9PM – New Market Hall
November 20 “The Challenge Cup III,” FSFFjr Fullblood Simmental Heifer Show
3:30PM - Broadbent Arena - Judge: Chi Swain, Louisville, KY
“The Pinnacle VI,” FSFF International Fullblood Simmental Show
4:30PM - Broadbent Arena - Judge: Cliff Orley, Lebanon, PA
“The Fleck EffectTM II,” FSFF International Percentage Simmental Show
Immediately following “The Pinnacle” - Broadbent Arena -    Judge: Cliff Orley, Lebanon, PA

FSFF Annual Membership Meeting & Dinner & Benefit Auction
8PM- 12AM - Kentucky Derby Museum, Louisville, KY
*RSVP Preferred – contact the office by phone or email*
November 21   All FSFF cattle are released – 3PM
2015 Membership Directory

As mentioned in our last mailing, the FSFF Board of Directors voted to move the timing & distribution of the Membership Directory to a single year, annual basis.  The next published directory will be for 2015 instead of 2014- 2015.  We expect this change to benefit our members by allowing more time to plan, design, picture animals for & execute their respective ads for the upcoming year rather than for the current year.  

We will again be using Becky Wadlow at Brandmark Imaging to design & publish the Membership Directory.  If needed, Becky can also help you design your ad; she can be reached at 903.563.9177.  You may also use another company of your choice.  Design work for your advertisement will be billed to you by the company/person you choose to employ.  

Mailings & email notifications have been sent.  If you did not receive yours, please contact the office to verify your mailing & email addresses.   

Please email us at by August 15th & to indicate any of the ad space options you would like to purchase.  This will allow us to plan the overall Directory design & layout. 


  1. Oct 1, 2014 - Final day for submission of your "camera ready" ad to the FSFF office.
    "Camera ready" means an ad ready to go to print; this is not the date to begin working on the design of your ad.  
  2. Nov 18-24, 2014 - Directories will be distributed at the North American International Livestock Expo in Louisville, KY.  
  3. Nov/Dec 2014 - Directories will be mailed to all FSFF members not present at the NAILE.
2015 Directory Pricing
Additional advertising options and pricing are listed below.  Please email the office to indicate any of the ad space options you would like to purchase.  

Premium pages are first paid, first reserved.  They are the inside front & back covers, center pages left & right, and the outside back cover.

Ad Description Rate
Premium Pages $1,200
Full Page Advertisement $   800
Half Page Advertisement $   400
Quarter Page Advertisement $   200
Business Card Advertisement $   100

Pricing is the same as last year's directory; there is no price increase!   

When responding to the office, please also indicate whether you intend to employ Brandmark Imaging to design your 2015 advertisement. 

2013-2014 FSFF
Membership Direectory

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